Studying at the Strohacker Design School

By Yazmin Patten

Strohacker Design School Student July 2018

Recently finishing a marketing degree at the University of Chichester, I felt that I was missing something from my skill set; graphic design.
Design is something I have always had a passion for but never really pursued due to timing.
I didn’t want to do another degree in graphic design, but felt that I would definitely benefit from some lessons, so what better way to do it than an intensive 3-month course taught by industry experts?! 
The thing that I love about this course is how small the class is, our class is made up of four people (including myself). It’s really great having a mix of people from different backgrounds and ages as our creative styles are so different and we can bounce ideas off each other. Bill’s teaching style is also really great, he provides us with the basic tools to complete a brief and lets us learn the programme for our self with support when we need it. 
The course is broken down into modules; the first being personal branding. Personal branding involves creating a logo and then developing it further by putting it onto stationary, like letterheads and business cards. My logo is still in progress as I feel it is the most important element in representing myself therefore, I will hang on till it is perfect. Self-branding is definitely difficult, but the personal branding/ logo is something I feel I will develop as I move through the course and develop my skills. 
Currently, we are working on developing the graphics for a jeans brand. Again, something which is challenging but so enjoyable! I love that this course really challenges me, so far so good!
Stay tuned for updates on the modules as I progress through the course.

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