It’s 2018, the average university student will start their career in approx. £52,000 debt, which will incur interest until they start paying it off when their salary reaches £25,000. Is this fair education? Is University really the answer, or are there other alternatives available?

A recent graphic design graduate completed a three-month intensive course and within less than the time it took to complete the course, is now employed by a reputable and well-known business in London earning over £40,000… And is debt free!

The successful graduate, Jo Kilgour studied at the Strohacker Design School, based near Chichester, West Sussex. Ms. Kilgour puts her success down to Bill Strohacker, Principal and Director of Strohacker Design School, “Bill has been a huge part of getting me to this point. Without Strohacker Design School, the graphic design course and Bill’s enthusiasm, I probably wouldn’t have got this opportunity anywhere else.”

Another Strohacker Design School graduate, Hannah Fisher, was offered, within months of completing the course, a lucrative job with the global healthcare company, Roche, as an in-house graphic designer.

“Bill and the team at Strohacker Design School have been amazing and they are there to support you even after the course. The technical component is important, but this graphic design course will teach you how to integrate into the design industry!”

During the three month course, the students have the opportunity to meet, and learn from high profile industry creative designers, such as, Star Wars Kylo Ren’s mask creator Glyn Dillon, Tank Girl and Gorillaz creative Jamie Hewlett, contemporary designer John McFaul (Pepsico, Levi’s, New Balance and Nokia), interactive designer Sara Watkins (BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Sky, Cadbury’s and Premier League) to name a few.

With the investment of this course a mere £6,995 (in comparison to a university qualification), a proven high-employability rate and the Strohacker graduates earning almost twice the amount a University graduate would make, I pose this question…

Is the Strohacker Design School model the alternative to the traditional ‘money guzzling and debt creating‘ further education model as it stands in the UK?

The Strohacker Design School is for those wanting to learn in a studio-based environment, working on real-life briefs and getting to meet, and learn from some of the best names in the creative industry.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what the talented, successful and true creative guru, Glyn Dillon, who has worked for Disney, Lucas Films and most recently on the Star Wars series has to say…

“I love this course! If I could travel back in time, the first thing I would do is sign up for the Strohacker Design School.”

graphic design student
Strohacker Design School Studio
career changer
Jo Kilgour (Recent Graduate)
Star Wars Lucas Film
Glyn Dillon (Star Wars, Lucas Film / Disney)

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