How I secured a graphic design job in 6 weeks!

By Will Lowe

Strohacker Design School Graduate March 2017

How did you hear about the graphic design course? 

After my Gran read about the Strohacker Design School in the local paper.
Knowing I wanted to study graphic design and have it as a future career, she passed the details on and the rest is history.

Previous Background

I had a little bit of knowledge with design, as I used to make up the music event posters for our local gigs, I didn’t have a huge amount of background though but after the first hour of the course, I really got in the flow of it

Did you find the course challenging? 

I found the course certainly stretched the mind. I have a degree in music production, so I understand about knuckling down and learning as the course is a very intensive 3 months, but everything just fell in to place.

The course environment was fun which made it a perfect learning space. The software was easy for me as I had a little experience in using Adobe creative suite. The projects were fantastic, my favourite being the Levi’s Vintage project taught by Nick Williams ex Levi’s (head of graphics for Europe, Middle East and Africa).

All the tutors were so inspirational and their way of teaching was brilliant, but for me I learnt so much from John McFaul.

What would you advise to anyone thinking of signing up? 

I would advise anyone to make sure it is something you really want to do, and something you are passionate about. If it is a career you want to move into, then it will definitely be value for money.

Did you find the follow up support helpful?

The follow up support after the course was great, Bill Strohacker Principal/director has been incredibly supportive and very efficient at getting back to me with answers and helping with my career direction.

What does the future hold?

I am very proud to say that within 6 weeks of completing the course, I now have a job with a branding and web design agency, as a junior graphic designer working on client’s brand, website design and image creation.

If you think that you or someone you know has what it takes to become a professional graphic designer in 3 months get in touch!

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Levi's Vintage

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