Stationery Design

Module 1_ self-branding


Jumping into the world of Graphic Design

The world of design, how vast it is, there is so much to learn, do I have the time…. These were all questions I had when I found myself leaning towards a more creative future. After completing a degree in Marketing, I found myself lacking in Creative skills that I was desperately craving throughout my 4-year degree. After completing my degree, I felt limited to my options, knowing I didn’t want to commit to another long-term degree in a creative subject but still wanting to learn the art of Graphic Design. So, what did I do?

Queue the Strohacker Design School. This was it this was exactly what I had been looking for! A short course covering all aspects of Graphic Design in just 3 months! I had a great opportunity to do this straight after my degree as the start date fell at the correct time.

The course itself covers a great deal of industry modules including but not limited to:

  • Editorial design
  • Typography
  • Advertising
  • Corporate design
  • Apparel design
  • Packaging design
  • The business of design
  • Website and UX design

I am writing this just after completing the first module which was self-branding. I can already say I have learnt so much this week and already have 3 essential pieces of work to promote myself in the industry including business cards, a professional letterhead and accompanying compliment slip all branded around a personal theme of my choice and in only 1 week!

Each of these assets also allowed me to experience the Adobe Creative Suite and play around with techniques I never knew about before. Being introduced to this software early on has been great because they aren’t only an industry essential but also universal wherever you work.

It is surprising that all this can be achieved in only 1 week of a 3-month course but that’s that great thing I found with this course, that a process is taught from the get to go that enables you to discover your creative side and before you know it the ideas are flowing and the close industry support is right there to help you put them into action.

So far, my experience on the Strohacker Design School has been more than I expected, it’s not only allowed me to create an identity in the Graphic Design world but also have fun learning from industry experts and I can’t wait to get started on the next module! I will keep you updated…

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