Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought. Albert Einstein

How to Overcome Creative Block

The dreaded creative block – we’ve all been there. It is one thing to experience when you are working on a personal project but completely different if you are working to a deadline.

In a professional setting, your ability to come up with creative ideas under pressure is paramount to your success. And this isn’t a problem faced by graphic designers alone, creativity is essential to put you ahead of the game in any line of work. Our modern-day world is built by creative thinkers, inventors and visionaries – from Steve Jobs to Leonardo Di Vinci. So, what does it take to train your brain to create ‘on demand’? And what can you do to ensure you overcome the creative block, every time? 

Creativity can be taught

At Strohacker design school we believe that anyone can harness the power of creativity and it is not just a ‘gift’ that people are born with. Our course teaches students how to become work-ready graphic designers, most importantly, with the ability to answer creative briefs quickly. This is something that sets us apart from other post-graduate curriculums, where creative projects stretch over months at a time. Which, in reality, doesn’t match the pace of the industry.

(R&R) Research and relaxation

With that said, our first tip to help overcome creative block might seem counterintuitive when you are faced with a tight deadline, but we advise you to *actively* do nothing. Hear us out! At the start of any assignment, you will need to perform extensive research on the subject at hand and if you cast your net wide, the smallest connection could be enough to spark an entire concept.

However, whilst some ideas come naturally, others do not. If you have completed the research phase of your project and you are still suffering from a creative block; then it is time to take a break, move on to another part of your work or switch off completely. It is scientifically proven that mundane tasks, such as showering, help with creative thought. Sometimes, the best thing to do is allow your subconscious mind to work hard in the background!

No idea is a bad idea

Keeping track of your shower thoughts on a notepad or on your phone will keep your mind focused on the task at hand. Ask your friends, family and peers for their ideas and be open to taking your project in a new direction. Whilst something might seem like the winning ticket, how does it really match up with your design brief?

Reduce stress and procrastination

It is said that when you do a job that makes you happy – stress gets replaced with passion. We certainly think that is the case but there are, of course, times when stress can get the better of us. Creative block can be stressful for new and experienced graphic designers alike. Our advice is to break down the project into smaller chunks, take regular breaks but do NOT procrastinate. Although it can be all too easy to become frozen on a creative task, the more you chip away at it, the better it becomes.

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How to overcome creative block

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