One of our most recent students to graduate from our 3-month intensive course is Salomé Guruli (Sally).

Sally comes all the way from New York City, USA.

She found out about our course through Jamie Hewlett’s post on Instagram; a great and current social media platform that we also use!

Sally found herself at a block career wise, where she wasn’t entirely sure on what she wanted to do, she already had an art background so this course would help to enhance skills and let her have her own artistic edge on the tasks given throughout the intense course. Sally felt the course would be able to widen the style of the types of working methods, which it has helped do! You can see examples from the following pieces on the Levi’s Vintage project brief that was within our course, how Sally’s own style has easily adapted to the different assignments!

photo 1 photo 2

Sally said that she was already enthused with the 3-month intensive course we offer even within the first week and from this first week she was already able to see that the course would be beneficial to her.

Sally also said that the tutors and team have all been great throughout her learning and have all benefited her in some way.
Finally, we asked Sally whether she would recommend the course and she said;
‘Yes absolutely!
This course allows you to explore different paths of graphic design and all that it offers. While at the same time making it realistic by having you create and execute these projects, that we get every week as you would in the real world of design, being in the workforce or industry.’
‘Every assignment or brief we have received has felt like working in a real studio or company.’
‘With working on presenting our UX website designs, that felt very professional in how we were taught to approach it and the steps we were to take to assess every issue and produce quality, understandable website user friendly work. Also, presenting style by explaining why we did that or needed to include this, in specifically this way or not include another thing that felt maybe trivial being there in the first place. Things like that, especially applicable.’
Thanks Sally!

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