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All the way from the USA is our student Tom Irving, 27. He first heard about our design school through various social media platforms including the offical Tank Girl Facebook page, The Gorillaz North America and LinkedIn.


Coming from a creative background, our 3 month intense course was chosen by Tom in order to get a refresher and enhance his graphic design skills. Along side this, Tom wanted to explore and define his own personal aesthetic style which he believes he has. We love Toms personal style and it really shines through in his work; particularly in his V&A pieces.

Tom Irvine_V&A_Project

When asked what modules Tom was most looking forward to before he began the course he said “Anything illustrative, but I’m surprised at what I was able to adapt to”.

He also loves the diversity of the briefs as these are preparing him for new career possibilities.


With regards to the atmosphere of the design school, Tom loves how diverse the class is and how everyone is from completely different backgrounds. He was surprised at how the age range was so varied but likes his class a lot. Its particularly easy to get to know students when the classes are a maximum of 10 students!


Tom particularly liked the module that allowed him to create a magazine as he loved having complete authority over his own project, this has also inspired him to create his own business plan (something which he thought he would never do).


All the tutors at our design school were given praise from Tom. He loved how they made him feel valued and had a genuine interest in his background, something you wouldn’t necessarily get from other schools.


Finally; we asked Tom if he would recommend Strohacker Design School? Here is his response:


“I would, absolutely. I think someone that was in my position would really benefit from it. I can’t say how many people that is, exactly, but I was just a recent graduate that really believed he had something to offer, but couldn’t quite realize his potential where he was. I didn’t want to just get plugged into an institution that wasn’t invested in me, I wanted to go somewhere where I’d be free to do my own thing and have that recognized as an asset; that’s what this course is, it’s somewhere where you can make an appearance and say “This is what I am. This is what I do.” and the people who like what you’re doing take notice.”


Thanks Tom!

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