My overall experience of Strohacker Design School

By Zak Clisby

Strohacker Design School  Graduate, July 2018

Account Executive (Coca-Cola)
Hoxton, London

If you have had a look at any of my previous blogs over the last few months you may have read how I was progressing with my recent projects at the Strohacker Design School.

I have recently finished my time with Bill and the team completing a 3-month intensive Graphic Design course, which I started straight after my time at University.

The decision for me to commit to another 3 months of education after a 4-year degree was a hard choice, I either spent more time learning or instead try to go straight into the industry.

However, I can say now that I don’t regret my decision for a minute.

From my personal experience at university, I was able to spot the weaknesses of my degree and the areas I felt were lacking which led me to the Strohacker Design School. I am extremely proud to have the theory of my degree behind me but, understood that I lacked the understanding of the creative thought process and how a real studio would work, which is key for the environment and role I wanted to start my career in.

Throughout the 3-month course, I covered areas of Editorial design, Typography, Advertising, Corporate design, Apparel design, Packaging design, The business of design and UX and Website design/build. Throughout each of these key modules, I was able to understand not only the software that I was using but more importantly, the correct procedures and the thought process that is needed when working in a studio.

The key takeaway and selling point for me was not just to learn the software used in the creative industry but to learn how great work is created from start to finish. I not only learnt this from Bill but, was also able to collaborate with the great team and get contacts from industry professionals that I engaged with on each module, which is invaluable for a graduate or current student in today’s industry.

Since completing the Strohacker Design School. I have had great feedback on the work that I have produced, (this can be viewed at) and can happily say I created a brand for myself that I am proud to display to industry professionals.

Since leaving the course with the combination of both my University education and the Strohacker Design School training, I felt a lot more confident applying for jobs that I may have never considered without the exposure I had to the creative industry.

I have now successfully secured my first Graduate job at movement in Hoxton a vibrant and futuristic creative London marketing agency. During the interviewing process, I was able to incorporate and present the work that I had created during my time at the Strohacker Design School which I feel put me in a very strong position. The creative exposure allowed me to talk about my appreciation for both the creative and strategic environments and show my understanding and passion of how each skill set is being heavily used in today’s industry.

Overall, I can say that I am extremely proud to have had exposure to both the marketing theory but, also the creative thought process and design skills and would highly recommend the Strohacker Design School to all individuals looking to extend their learning beyond the classroom and build an invaluable skill set that can adapt to the ever-changing industry we are in today.

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