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How to fill the graphic design gap at your web agency

By Bill Strohacker
Creative Director/Principal, 
Strohacker Design School

When you run a web agency, not having the in-house graphic design skills you need is a big headache. Falling into this design gap is your time, money and reputation. How can you fill this gap? By upgrading the skills of an existing staff member.

Does this sound familiar? You get a project that requires graphic design work, but you don’t have anybody in-house with the skills to do it. So, you look for someone on a freelance or temporary contract basis by advertising or going to a recruitment agent. You spend money and time finding the designer you hope will have the right expertise. In comes the next project, but that designer isn’t available. You start the search again. You spend the time and money again.

Let’s be honest, it’s not a picture of efficiency and stability. But it’s what it’s like. I should know. I have worked as a graphic designer, creative director and educator for over 25 years. When not at my studio, I’ve worked as a design lecturer and teacher from foundation to degree level, writing and creating graphic design and fashion media courses. As a result, I have a pretty unique perspective on the design industry, the issues it faces and the learning that can help address those issues. This is why I’ve set up my School, the Strohacker Design School, and why I know that the courses I’ve created are ideal for web agencies that lack a good graphic designer.

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For web agencies in today’s marketplace, the right skill set is hugely important when it comes to graphic design. You want someone who can hit the ground running and has what it takes to work in a fast-paced environment. You want someone with practical studio experience who knows their way round a live brief. That’s what our part-time and full-time courses provide: junior designers with the exact skills that modern web agencies need.

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The Strohacker Design School is an opportunity to be taught by some of the stand-out creatives in the country. We’re based at the Bognor Regis campus of the University of Chichester and our patrons include Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl writer and co-creator Alan Martin and world-renowned fine artist Lady Pippa Blake. Our head lecturer is creative luminary John McFaul and our team is a who’s who of design visionaries. This is them and the brands they work with. My role is Creative Director of the School.

As the head of a web agency, you want to be putting out work that delivers for your clients and puts you on the map and in the black. A graphic design gap makes this hard to achieve. Upgrade the skills of a member of your team and this gap is history.

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